Change Combination On A Safe

Most of the high quality safes that you can purchase are designed with a combination ‘change key’ slot that is located within the safe. The dial on these safes has an inward pointing arrow set in the twelve o’clock position on the rim of the combination dial. This is designated as the ‘open index’ mark that is used for everyday operation.

There is also a straight inward pointing mark that is set on either the eleven o’clock or the one o’clock position on the rim of the dial. These are designated as the ‘change index’ mark that will be used whenever you need to change the combination.

To change the combination you need to open the safe and turn the handle so that the door will be locked and secure when opened. Spin the dial to scramble the numbers on the lock.

Unlock and open the safe door using the standard process. To do this you must slow down then the third number of the combination is close to the 95th mark. Come to a complete stop when the number is on the opposite side of the open index arrow. When it reaches this point it will activate the opening mechanism and retract the lock bolts.

Put in the change lock key into the appropriate slot on the lock housing that is inside of the door. You need to turn the key a quarter turn counterclockwise. When you do this it will delete the old combination and set the lock mechanism to a neutral position.

Spin the dial counterclockwise three times past the open index mark. When you are on the fourth turn slow down. During this time the new combination number will come close to it and it will change the index mark. Slowly turn the dial till everything is aligned. The first number in the combination must always be more than twenty-five.

Now turn the dial two turns counterclockwise till it passes the change index mark. Keep turning it and slow down when the second new number is near the change index mark. Properly align it like the first number.

Change direction and turn the dial clockwise one time. Keep going past the change index mark a second time until the third number in the combination reaches the index mark. Make sure to align it properly.

Leave the third number aligned with the change index mark and set the new combination by turning the change key clockwise one time. Remove the key and leave the door open. You should practice locking and opening the door a few times before securing the safe and closing it fully.