Home Security

A few years ago, I received an alarming phone call at work. My mom’s home had been burglarized. I obtained permission from my supervisor to leave work immediately. I drove the 15 miles as fast as I dared. When I arrived, I was greeted by a friend who had interrupted the burglary in progress.

He had arrived to mow mom’s lawn, which is a home isolated on a country road. He was pulling a noisy trailer with his equipment on it. When he drove up beside the house, no one was on the front porch but there was a small truck parked in the yard. He exited the truck and went to the rear of the trailer and there were two guys on the porch. They said they were trying to obtain directions to the country club, which is 10 miles distant. He gave them directions and they said thanks and left.

He continued with his work and mowed the front lawn. When he began on the back yard, he noticed that the back door was open. He went to the door (on the back porch) and saw that the door had been kicked open. He then called myself and law enforcement.
When I arrived, I learned that the strong, long wood screws I had replaced in her door lock assembly had not prevented the crime. In fact, they simply served to destroy more of her home from the attack on the door. So, instead of just forcing the door open, the criminals actually destroyed part of the door framing of the wall. The long wood screws caused the 2×4 to which they were embedded to be ripped apart. It was awful. Mom had to have a carpenter repair the damage.

Then she immediately added a home alarm system. She found out that a home alarm system is helpful in preventing a crime. Just the monitoring company’s window and door stickers themselves are helpful in deterring a crime.

A home alarm system with a monitoring company and a home locking safe for valuables provides effective deterrent to crime. A locking safe should be large enough that it can’t be moved or broken into easily. This will provide a delay in a robbery as your local police are on the way as they have been notified by your monitoring company of a break in.